Gracefully gliding along, but beneath the surface, paddling furiously.

That is how I feel at the moment. My role as a carer for an elderly relative is just like this. To the outside world, I am just getting on with it, but behind the facade I feel like I am paddling furiously around in circles. Ever decreasing circles, I think, just like one of  my late father’s favourite television programmes of the same name. I am sure there are many others like myself, thrown unceremoniously into a caring role they never planned to do in their retirement. Struggling with the sleepless nights and propping one’s eyes open during the daytime after one of these ‘bad night’ episodes is just par for the course.

This photograph, originally taken in colour, sums up my feelings just now and actually I do love looking at it. The swan is one of the most graceful creatures our world is blessed with their beautiful head and neck curving down to its breast as if it followed the contours of a heart shape.

Well, as the saying goes: Keep calm and carry on!

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